sábado, 4 de setembro de 2010

45 things you need after the 45

1. Glasses to read closely, even if it is loaned to read the menu at the restaurant.
2. Muscle relaxant after football.
3. Patience with children.
4. Mercy on the stupidity and slowness of others.
5. Kindness in Transit.
6. Botox, regardless of sex.
7. Whitening teeth.
8. Listening to classical music.
9. Sleep well.
10. Tolerate himself.
11. Do one thing at a time without guilt.
12. Forgive quickly.
13. Keeping longtime friends close and watch them grow old.
14. Be more generous with others.
15. Avoid a lot of things besides the fries.
16. Laugh at yourself and with others.
17. Ignore the boring and grumpy on duty.
18. Ask for help for college students.
19. Taking prostate cancer. Rsrsrsrsrsrsr!
20. Painting the hair.
21. Just follow the trends that favor.
22. Open your mind.
23. Accept that you will not give more time for certain things.
24. Accept that time has passed!
25. Climb the hill slowly.
26. Enjoy free time with someone who is interesting.
27. Do not take life too seriously but take yourself seriously.
28. Struggle to remember names.
29. Lower the volume and think again!
30th. Using GPS!
31. Focus on what is really important.
32. Think more before you choose and do it faster.
33. Riding a bike and make sure that certain things are forever.
34. Taking care of parents.
35. Visit their children.
36. Be more humble before the young.
37. Read more books.
38. Make that trip.
39. Celebrating life together.
40. Pray to God with quality.
41. Without changing the look ridiculous.
42. Do not treat the children.
43. Do not compare yourself with others.
44. Talk less slang, but know them.
45. Sowing to ensure good harvest the next 45!

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