terça-feira, 7 de setembro de 2010

Follow Jesus!

With the tired mind the obligation of having to remember what was good and gone, left behind. Longer expect the best things to come.
Everything was passed, but he wanted his well spent. Had forgotten to order that things have. Worst is that he did not remember its beginnings.
He insisted on handling the wind with his hands. Stop time with the signal. Ever even look at a newspaper.
Caught between these fittings was found semi-alive, without air, but with a remnant of breath beating his chest, he accepted the offered hand.
With his hand gratefully lifted from a jump. Taking his bed was moving.
He realized that the landscape remained the same, but his eyes now saw the differences from day to day.
Their routine was the same, but as a friend again.
Interestingly looking at the beginnings and their means longing to be able to complete resume.

Finally learned to live in newness of life. And saw the man that was good, very good follow Jesus!

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